A book that made you cry: The boy in the stripped pyjamas – John Boyne

#2017ReadingChallenge : A book that made you cry

Well, let say, I’ve never cry reading before so I may change it to something that made me feel “like” crying.

The boy in the stripped pyjamas.

I first known the movie, not the book. As a fail attempt to download the movie from the internet, only the first 20 mins of the movie were able to watch. I was going to see it after seeing Schindler’s List. And a few days passed, when I was wandering in the foreign book section of Tiki, I saw this book. Only that moment I knew there was avaiable book. I thought it hasn’t been translated to Vietnamese, but I’ve found out it has recently (I’ll catch up later).

Well, the cover is quite straight-to-the-point. However the discription in the back is quite interesting.

“Usually we give some clues about the book on the cover, but in this case, we think it is important that you start to read without knowing what it is about”.
So do as it said.

I have to say that the ending did shock me, like a lot. You can never expect such end to a story.

Have a try yourself.



60 Days learning Japanese with Memrise

This is not the first time I’ve ever study Japanese. I’ve been stuggling with this for almost 3 and a half months now and it’s going nowhere. There were so many problems with remembering all the charactors and words and man, why the hell they have KANJI 😦

Yuki center is where I’ve learning Japanese, the teachers are so nice so I feel really bad for being so suck at Japanese. I’m in the 2nd course, in which I get to unit 13 in the book Minna no Nihongo I and unit 6 at N5 Kanji. For real, I barely know anything @@ I have to admit that I was so freaking lazy, that’s why :/ and also, one reason is that at first I learn Japanese just to please my parents :/ Sorry.

SO after all those time studying that hard language at the center, I find it kinda interesting. You know you can never get bored with Japan. So I’mma try all the way that can help me through this. I feel pretty down cuz I don’t really have a parner in learning this tho, but I’ll try anyway.

This is the second day I deal with Memrise. Hope that apps will help me to remember the vocabulary better.