Hello Low-carb!

I’m so greatful to announce that I have been struggling with LCHF (Low carb high fat) diet for almost 2 weeks now. I myself didn’t believe that I could have ever done such a thing.

For 2 weeks, I ate 4 pack of Smiling Cow Cheese (8*4=24 pieces), 2 dozens of eggs, ways too much chicken breast and vege 😐 I didn’t know how tasty (in my head) that plain white rice or candy or muffin or plain bread can be 😦

But I got through anyway. And I think I’ve lost some, for real. I did feel a little tired, but not much and I’m getting used to it anyway.

In the end, after spending hours researching through internet, books, getting advise from my friend who had succeeded, and after try it myself, i think i would continue this almighty LCHF diet.

Well, from now on, I’ll try my best to record my meals throughout the day. it’s good, they said.

If you’re coping with LCHF, I wish you a great success.


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