I was watching the Enternal sunshine of a spotless mind, and I started to think about what I’ve been through.

I’ve been missing someone I should have clean out the memory of him years ago.

The last scene hurt me most.

I’m not strong, I’m very weak. The evidence is that I still had feeling, that I’ve always been thinking about how the “us” has ended, how wrong I was, how pity I was, how he would have done such things.

If I got pulled back. Just for once, then there’re no ways I would walk away. I wasn’t given even a single chance to come back. It would have been so difference. Why did he do that to me?

It’s like he was just sitting still and waiting for me to say the words so that he could walk away, telling others that i broke his heart.

I don’t know how he’d been recently. I tried to, but I can’t.

Well I hope he’s happy.

But I still wonder if he had any, just a little bit memory about mine?

I’m sorry that we didn’t do much things together. I’m sorry that my mom would have killed me if she knew I loved someone so that I had to stop “us”. I’m sorry that I was afraid for my future, that I could not focus on anything when with you because all I think of is you and me. I’m sorry for thinking you didn’t deserve such gabage like me so I said goodbye.

I don’t know others, but I’m not the one to forget easy.

Damn this is bullshit.

Wish you a lovely Valentine with your love.




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