I’ve got a messy day

So, I was supposed to be reviewing for my final at Electronic Devices, but I’m not.

Let’s talk abit about yesterday when I had exam in Electromagnetic field. I thought I was doomed then, but I got lucky. Well, lucky me. Hope it’ll be fine. But luck is not internal, we gotta make our own luck. 

Well, in the evening I went to the movie with some of my classmates. I have to say that caffeine really did a great job to make me feel good that day. Lots of things happened, mostly awful, but I got through. The movie “Sing” really boosted my emotion. One of the best made animations I’ve ever seen. Made my day for real, you guys should really watch that!

And here come today. I woke up pretty early this morning, cause my roommate said she wanted to go to the market real quick to grab some groceries and I needed too. I only got instant ramen now, so I really needed something healthy. My meals for a couple of weeks have bean crazy. But guess what, she got something going on. Well, I think maybe because of my pms that make my emotions ways to vulnerable. I felt so pissed off then, cause she was like wait a minute, we’ll go in 10 or some sort of that. Well, I was so fucking hungry. And I need to get ready before noon, I had a very important meeting then. So I’m done waiting. Had ramen, read some and sleep. Well I was overeating then, but psss please, you can’t stop the pms temper. YOU CAN’T! 

Well, I was so tired and was almost late for the meeting. I thought is gonna be important tho, but it wasn’t. Two other classmates arranged a meeting with our class manager to ask about the major sorting in the end of this year (actually they didn’t arranged 😒). Well, it’s kinda weird cause they don’t really activelly try their best to know about the major, at least they had no idea of how the classification works. We’ve got Google, we’ve got internet and we’ve got emails damn it. Instead of going to ask thhe teacher face to face all the simple questions, why not email all of these questions so that not to waste time for both sides. Lectures, I mean the teachers and professors in my university are super busy, you know. 😒

Okay, moving on. I gathered with my bitches this afternoon. Nothing much to say then. And in the evening, that’s the fucked up parts. Family problems alert! I know I don’t really get along well with my parents, i mean I’m not the kind of sweet little girl. But the thing is my parents are somewhat in trouble with their relationship ( I swear that is why I would never want to grow up and marry, cause adulthood is so fucking messy you know). And there were problems with my sister. Fuck it. I’m on the final exam, I’ve got a life ahead, my life is so fucking messy enough. And my mom complained again again and again about these situations. Fuck it, I am not a mother, I don’t have kids, and she wants advises from me? Oh please! I’m a horrible person. And my mind is messy enough. I was so upset. I cried. I wish there were someone to listen, at least to be there when i need a shoulder to cry on. Fuck pms. I watch “I am Sam” and I cried even harder. But it made me feel better anyway. The situations in my family now is so bad that I don’t even want to think about it. They fight, they hate each other, they almost splitted up, … fuck fuck them all. Everybody has their problem. I respect that. But being adults, parents they should have know that not to let their children envolve in that. If I have a chance in the future, i would promise I’d be a better parent. 

Sorry for being such a bitch. I got exams coming up. And I’m so fucked up too. 😒 This is horrible. 


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