Read a book with non human charactors: Black Beauty – Anna Sewell

(Vietnamese: Ngựa Ô yêu dấu)

So this one, I have to say, one of the loveliest classic novels of all time.

The story was told by Black Beauty, a beautiful strong black horse, in London mid 19th century. There were so many things happenned, each chapter had made up Black Beauty mind.

He’s been with god-given-kindness owners to horribles bosses, from well-trained horse keepers to careless dumbass jerks. He’s been loved, hurt, harmed, almost killed, but after all good things came to life. Find out yourself.

Well, as my point of view, this novel not only teaches us animal welfare, but also how to treat people and other creatures of mother nature with kindness, sympathy and respect.

Above all, I just simply love it. Feel so peaceful reading this. Recommended! 

P/s: I heard this novel had couple of film adaptation and cartoon also, I would definitely watch them


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