Master of procastination

Hell yeah =)))

After 2 months =))) yeah, exactly 2 month since my last post. My challenge was totally doomed. Good lord! Easy said than done right T_T

Well, I don’t really know how high my level of PROCASTINATION has been going on, but I bet it would touch the sky tho.

For 2 months, there has been lots of things new. I got parttime jobs. JOBS? yeap, 2 parttime jobs. I’m selling BEEF, Australian Black Anger beef and teaching assistance at a super duper famous English center in HaNoi, A****. One in the morning, and the other in the evening (I have classes in the afternoon). I really need to get my mind busy cause for the last two months, my study has successfully driven me insane. I don’t know if I was retarded or not but study seemed to be so overwhelming for me. I’d rather read all day than learning coding, for real.

-_- I’m so over it. And you know what, final exam is coming. What the shit?

Alright, as I written above, I just got the jobs. So this is how it goes. The first one, Selling beef, pretty much like butcher, but not really cause I only sell. I choose the 1st shift, 7:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m, not long but I had to stand most of the time. I got almost told off (in a very polite tone) by my boss at the first day, so the second day, instead of using phone, I switch to my travel book and she didn’t come to work. Oh gee! But I think I’m not gonna use my phone next time, cause I need to finish my books! I’m on a reading challenge for 2017 now :)))


So about the place, my work is selling beef which is directly imported from Australia. Chilled beef, not frozen beef, and the prices are OH MY FREAKING GOD :v. There’re so many types of cuts and it took me a while to remember the cuts, the properties and prices of each type. I love cooking and I really want to enlarge my knowledge so it’s fine, I guess.

The other parttime job is Teaching Assistance at a kid English center. Well, I tend to have a larger tattoo at my birthday, also dye my hair brighter, but I have to rethink about these cause I must not dye my hair and have visible tattoo when working there because that would distractt the children (I agree) and offense the parents (damn, discrimination in Viet Nam is high). So yelp, say goodbye to that! Well, the center I’m working for is a newly opened branch so there’s not much to do and I just have to observe and support for some side events until they actually have classes, maybe in the end of Jan or Feb. Till then, I may have to think about ending one of the two jobs cause I may be very very busy at the next semester. Now? YOLO

One more thing is that, I’m gonna have to decide my major to follow by the end of the next semester. Dr Loan, one of my lecturers had explain the branches for our class, But I have my steady choice, so pretty much no need that cause the only thing it does is causing coufusion. I think what I need now is really find and prepare for what I would learn and do as a Automation Control engineer (damn, sound mesmerizing).

I guess it’s end now. My Japanese is dead 😐 so bad.




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