Day 2: I’m doomed

It’s day 2, and I’ve done nothing. NOT A SINGLE thing. Anyway this Monday was suck.

I got physical education (soccer) at the very first  period of the morning, which means I gotta wake up at 6a.m damn it. Every things was fine until some jackass shoot the freaking soccer ball to my calf without an appology and it truely hurt as hell. Okay, I’m fine, I’m cool! I’m okay.

About 15 mins later, we had to exchange the ball by our freaking head, I don’t know the term but this is some kind like you hit the ball with ya all head. And that freaking process takes like 10 mins. oh my god, when I got home I gotta clean the room cause It was my turn. How tired.

I had breakfast, do some stuffs and then went to sleep for a while. Then the worst thing happened. My head banged. Jee, It was like it was trying to kill me. I got up anyway with the freaking migraine and go to mrs Loan’s class. We got devided into groups of 4 and as usual, I was so badluck that I was put in a group with 3 other students who were as bad as mine. duh! But it seemed like there was some trouble with the group arrangement hence I emailed mrs Loan that night. Case closed!

I was so stress out that night that when I called my mom, I bawled my eyes out. I told her that I need to stop studying Japanese. This is sad, but I’m pretty overloaded right now. I can still keep up with that beautiful language by myself cause I find it suck a waste of time to go and study in the language center without having anytime at home to study for myself. So I quit. I was so freaking sad.

So Duolingo and Memrise and C, please forgive me, I’ll come back to you today. I definitely will!

This was writen on Sep 13nd. It was my beloved aunt’s birthday today!


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