Challenge Day1:

Suck a bad day for me. It’s Sunday, yes, what a beautiful day if I didn’t spend so freaking much money on shopping this and that K.

The thing is I was supposed to go to Aeonmall with one of my roommates, my CLOSE roommate. But then she asked if someone else wanted to go. There’s one did want to go, so (I know that I’m being bitchy) from then on I knew that I’d better go there by myself rather than going with them both cause they would act like I was the air. Such a mean girl I am.

So I called my bff, she was with a junior in her university, but she said yes anyway so in my mind, I would let them two girls go together while I join my friend and the junior. But life isn’t always pinky like that.

We’re late for the bus, we were freaking late for the bus. For the one who didn’t know, Aeon Mall has 4 different free bus routes and one of them stops very near my dormitory. There’re only 5 bus a day, so the time must be very precise. And we’re late for just 2 or 3 minutes. Damn it. We’re doomed.

My roommates went back to the dorm while I join my friends to go to a book cafe near by. They were so tired and sleepy, me too, but I gotta watch their sleeps. We waited there for like 1.5 hours then had another attempt to catch the bus again at 3:30 p.m.

Man, Aeon Mall is one of the most beautiful modern shopping, I mean SUPER mall in Ha Noi. It’s Japanese, and you know Japanese. They’re smart, polite, and so damn friendly. The shops are arranged cleverly and they do know how to get money out of ya so damn thin wallet. So I was trapped then. I bought some stuffs. Man I wish I had money to buy all these things L

The most annoying part was when we had to leave. I got class at 7p.m today so I have to make home before 6:30 p.m. There’s a bus that depart at 5:15 p.m, but we missed again for shopping grocery. So the next bus went at 5:75 p.m, but as the brochure said route 3 (the most convenient route for me) only stops at 2 spots and none of them were mine L then I have to change the route. It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to walk from that stop to take the regular bus and come back to my room. I had to cancel my class then (damn my money L) and what f** me up is that the bus 3 stopped at my place eventhought the brochure said it did NOT.

I swear to god I was so mad that I could kill anyone.

Anyway, my day seem kinda suck. I bought a very hot ramen and turned out It was too hot for me (I can’t stand spicy things). I think I’mma have some breakout soon. FML

For the challenge part, I did the selfie, the sketching and the writing thing. I’mma do the language learning after posting this.

For the C programming languages. I think I’ll start tomorrow cause I’m too freaking tired right now. I know I’m procrastinating once again. But c’mon, I can’t even.

To be easier to keeping on track all the things I’ve done. I’mma get a tracking apps. Hope it works!


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