Challenging myself – Taking a vow

It’s the beginning of a new school year 😦 man no school again. Actually I would love to turn back to the high school time rather than struggling here in university with half academic jackass and half life bastard. So down and so stressful. So boring and so lame. Or maybe I don’t really know how to treat myself in a proper way. Sleeping late, stucking hours and hours streaming through hundreds videos on youtube, over spending time in social networking, giving up on exercising, eating and drinking recklessly, skipping classes, forgetting homeworks, being such a bitch with others and so many bad habbits that would take days to talk about. Damn, what I got myself into?

So for this time, I would like to do some challenge to see if I can gradually making my life better and loving myself more or not. I once did a writing challenge before and it did make my writing improved.

Challenges! I’m on!

  1. Take a photo of myself everyday for 30 days

  2. Draw or paint a picture everyday for 30 days even if my art ability is SUCK

  3. Keep a laughter journal. Write down one thing a day that made me really laugh hard. For 30 days, of course.

  4. Practicing Spanish and Japanese with Memrise and Duolingo (It’s day 4 already)

  5. Dealing with MTFK C programming language for 30 days (started Sep 10th – Procastinating once again)

I guess that hard enough =))) Let see!


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