60 Days learning Japanese with Memrise

This is not the first time I’ve ever study Japanese. I’ve been stuggling with this for almost 3 and a half months now and it’s going nowhere. There were so many problems with remembering all the charactors and words and man, why the hell they have KANJI 😦

Yuki center is where I’ve learning Japanese, the teachers are so nice so I feel really bad for being so suck at Japanese. I’m in the 2nd course, in which I get to unit 13 in the book Minna no Nihongo I and unit 6 at N5 Kanji. For real, I barely know anything @@ I have to admit that I was so freaking lazy, that’s why :/ and also, one reason is that at first I learn Japanese just to please my parents :/ Sorry.

SO after all those time studying that hard language at the center, I find it kinda interesting. You know you can never get bored with Japan. So I’mma try all the way that can help me through this. I feel pretty down cuz I don’t really have a parner in learning this tho, but I’ll try anyway.

This is the second day I deal with Memrise. Hope that apps will help me to remember the vocabulary better.




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